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Michael Jackson and People/Children of the World

The song "People of the World" and its story (see details below) was the inspiration for the video of "Michael Jackson and The Children of the World". Not just to convey his global message of love, peace and unity for all races, it's also about his under reported humanitarian efforts to help the world, especially the disadvantaged children.

Michael Jackson and The Children of the World (with "People of the World" Instrumental)

People of The World - J-FRIENDS (Michael Jackson)

In 1999, Michael Jackson wrote, composed and produced the song "People of the World" for the Japanese Pop group  J-FRIENDS in support of the Kobe relief effort.

Michael wrote this song for the children in Kobe, where a devastating earthquake killed more than 5000 people in 1995.

He offered to work with J-FRIENDS, who were then planning a charity project for the Kobe children, and co-produced this song with Japanese producer Yasushi Akimoto.

The single 'People of the World' was released on January 13, 1999.

J-Friends recorded their version based on MJ's demo, here is an English translation of the Japanese lyrics (source)

People of the World (Lyrics translation)
Written by Michael Jackson
Arranged by Michael Jackson, Yasushi Akimoto

(1st verse)
You came to me and shown me
That love is the answer
I will save you, protect you from everything
We should live in togetherness with one another

People all over the world
When you start to lend a helping hand
You can make it a better place
This song is for you
To bring love and harmony to this world

(2nd verse)
I can hear people crying
my heart weeps when I see your tears
I will give my shoulder whenever you need
So let us sing together

People all over the world
Your smile makes me smile
You can make our future brighter
Let the world shine with happy smiles

Repeat chorus 1 and 2

Voice by a child: "Together we sing to make a better world....."

Check out below Michael Jackson's original demo which came out in 2014.

J-FRIENDS: People of The World (Michael Jackson)

Michael Jackson's demo for People of the World (2014)

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